Colore adds ores to your world containing the essence of color itself. After mining and refining the essence, you can craft blocks, tools, and armor. You can also combine essences to create up to 70 different colors. There are currently 840 blocks in the mod, including slabs, stairs, fences, walls, panes, and transparent blocks. This mod is great for pixel-artists, builders, and anyone looking to add some color to their Minecraft world!

If you want to put this mod in a public modpack, please contact me first and link to my website in the modpack’s description.


Current mod version
Compatible Minecraft versions
Initial release
Latest update


Latest release




1.2: The Super Update (1.9.4, 1.10)

Released on for 1.9.4 and on for 1.10.


  • Added stairs, fences, walls, and panes. Everything except panes are crafted like you’d expect. Panes are crafted in the same shape with slabs instead of full blocks, since the normal recipe style is already taken by walls.
  • Added transparent blocks, slabs, stairs, fences, walls, and panes.
  • Added colored sticks to craft the fences. (Solid-colored sticks are used in both solid and transparent fence recipes.)


  • Rebalanced tools and armor for 1.9. In general, they swing faster, but do less damage and break quicker than iron equipment.
  • Cleaned up and optimized even more code.

1.1.1 (1.9)

Released on .


  • Cleaned up and optimized some more code.


  • Removed double slab items (because vanilla doesn’t have them, they were unnecessary, and they were causing problems).


  • Fixed a bug where trying to place double slabs would crash the game.
  • Fixed a bug where updating a 1.8.9 world to 1.9 would remove all the slab items from the world.

1.1: The Slab Update (1.8.9, 1.9)

Released on for 1.8.9 and for 1.9.


  • Added slabs.
  • [1.9] Added armor-equipping sounds.


  • Cleaned up and optimized a lot of code and replaced all deprecated methods with new ones for 1.8.9/1.9.
  • [1.9] Cleaned up the model .json files to be as small as possible thanks to 1.9 changes.

1.0.0 (1.8)

Released on for 1.8.

Initial release.


© 2015-2016 Zebulan Stanphill. This mod is released under GPLv3+.

By Zebulan


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