Hi, I’m Zebulan!

I’m a Christian coder that likes Minecraft, gaming, LEGO, and music.

Coding projects

I have experience with JavaScript (including libraries such as React and Vue), PHP, HTML, SCSS, Java, and Python. I’ve even contributed code to open source projects like WordPress.

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Gaming videos

I mostly play just Minecraft.

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Some games I've played: Portal 2, Minecraft, and StarMade.

Minecraft projects

I’ve made stuff for both Java Edition and Bedrock.

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Some blocks added by Colore: a mod I made for Minecraft: Java Edition.

LEGO creations

I like both traditional System and constraction builds.

Check out my MOCs

Two action figures built with LEGO pieces.

Blog posts

I write about all my interests, so expect a variety of topics ranging from Minecraft to dualism.

Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

A popular belief challenged Most scientists follow the philosophy known as materialism: the belief that the physical universe is all that there is. According to materialism, everything can be reduced to particles interacting with each other. All that you are…
Stuck Between a Block and a Hard Place

Stuck Between a Block and a Hard Place

Introduction WordPress is getting a new editor, and I’m getting a bit worried. The plan to introduce the new editor, Gutenberg, into core WordPress in the 5.0 update has been stirring up all sorts of emotions ranging from excitement and…

New Website!

I’ve been working on it for a while now, but I am finally ready to launch my new website: Zebulan.com! Since early this year, I have been wanting to move away from the SuperGeniusZeb name and to something less pretentious……

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