Questions for Future Me

I thought it would be somewhat interesting and maybe fun to write a series of questions for myself to answer in 10 years. (Yeah, over half of them are Minecraft questions. Silly, I know.) I’ll come back to answer the questions in this article on March 22, 2031.



Has MC-4 been fixed yet? How about MC-100000?

Surely, Java Edition data packs have the ability to add custom blocks and items now, right?

Vanilla better have lavalogging by now, and Java Edition in particular must have had snowlogging ported over from Bedrock, right? Java Edition also has waterlogging for flowing water now, right?

Mojang has continued to say no to vertical slabs, right? But what about windowlogging?

Does vanilla have buildable vehicles similar to Plato’s Transporters? What about rotating/spinning platforms like Create?

Glow squids give off actual light now, right? And surely iceologers have been added by now.

Are polar bears useful yet? Are pigs still redundant?

The second combat update was generally well-received, right?

Ray-tracing came to Java Edition, right? Is it the modern equivalent of “fancy” or “fabulous” graphics?

Quasi-connectivity was eventually removed, wasn’t it? How did Mojang soften the blow? Pushable block entities?

What did the fletching table’s functionality end up being?

Netherite and the smithing table was the start of a new branching upgrade tree for end game armor, right? I’m guessing one of the netherite alternatives involves materials from The End?

I’m guessing that The End has green-colored biomes now?

There’s a firework workstation now, right?


Did you start using behavioral mods on your singleplayer world? If so, how did that turn out?

I think Fabric might get really big after the release of 1.17. Did it ever come to equal Forge in popularity? Does Forge even still exist?

Did Modrinth overtake CurseForge as the primary mod repository?

Has OptiFine died yet? If it did, was it the CaffeineMC mods (Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor, etc.) that replaced it, or something else?

Does Quark still exist? What about the Team Abnormals mods? I don’t like their “visible source” licenses. Did that ever change? Have true open source mods taken their place?

What’s the current successor to the Too Many Items legacy called? At the moment it seems like Roughly Enough Items could be the next primary one if Fabric takes off.


Is your singleplayer series still going? If so, why?

Did Dream ever admit to cheating in those 1.16 speedruns?

Is Etho’s singleplayer series still going? Whatever happened to that museum/lab project?

Is Stampy still making the occasional Lovely World video?


MinecraftOnline still exists right? You did finish the landscaping around the house, right? The lag is fixed now, right? Did they stack the old nether above/below the new one when updating to 1.16+? What did they do for 1.17+?

What about Crazy Fools UK? 2b2t? Hypixel?

How big was Hytale?

Does Minetest feel like a legitimate game instead of a bootleg now? Did you ever contribute to Minetest, or did you end up creating your own MC clone?


Gutenberg Full Site Editing became popular, right?

Does Gutenberg still use a sidebar for the block inspector and/or document settings, or did it switch to popovers/modals?

Is Divi still around? Did it ever switch to using blocks? How about Oxygen, Elementor, and Beaver Builder?


Did Crank take off?

How big is Rust these days?

Does PHP have generic types yet?

Does vanilla JS have any form of typing similar to TypeScript yet?

Did the year of the Linux desktop finally happen?

How many people still use Arch, btw?

Has Audacity become better to use, or has something replaced Audacity?


How left-wing did LEGO go? Did they start introducing LGBTXYZ characters into their themes/shows?

Did Bionicle ever come back again?

Does TTV still exist?

Is Ninjago still going? Was Seabound good? Are they still doing those 2D animated episodes, and did they ever stop looking kinda janky? Did Way of the Departed ever become canon or at least referenced in-show?

Did Monkie Kid get better with each season? Did it ever reach Ninjago-level quality?


Are The Beach Boys still your favorite band?

What’s your opinion on SMiLE these days?

Did the Bicycle Rider chorus ever get a better official stereo mix? What about Child Is Father of the Man?

Did your interest in writing music ever go anywhere?

Did you learn to play the piano?


I bet Trump’s social network never took off. Did I guess correctly?

How big is Gab these days?

Did Texas secede? I have no clue whether that will happen.

Louis finally released that AGI demo, didn’t he?

How did “the project” go? You’ll know what I’m talking about.

Do you have a VR kit yet? Does it have foot-tracking so you can actually kick the rats? Do you even remember what I’m referencing? (It was on the 21st, by the way.)

Are you married yet?

Do you think writing this article was a good idea in hindsight?