Who am I?

Hi, I’m Zebulan! I’m a Christian coder that likes gaming (especially Minecraft), music, and LEGO. I use this website to showcase stuff I’ve made and talk about things that interest me.

Aliases I’ve gone by… (click to expand)
  • SuperGeniusCreator (name used in various LEGO communities from 2011-2018)
  • SuperGeniusZeb (shortened from SuperGeniusCreator to fit the Minecraft username length limit, this was my primary online name until mid-2018)
  • SuperGeniusBuilder (LEGO Minifigures Online username)
  • Zooming HyperNova (LEGO Legends of Chima Online username)


The SuperGeniusCreator era

I started playing with Legos LEGO pieces around 2009 or so. By they had become my favorite toy and biggest interest.

I started playing the Free to Play part of LEGO Universe around mid-to-late , and it became my favorite game. In this game, Free-to-Play-ers could only choose character names using a combination of words from 3 preset lists. Overconfident in my building skills, I ended up choosing SuperGeniusCreator, which became my first online name.

I also joined the LEGO Message Boards around this time, and became very active on there… so much so, that I ended up reaching Old Timer rank: a rank signifying that you had posted at least 6,018 posts. Prior to the November 2012 update to the boards, I had posted 6,892 posts. When the boards later got shut down in , I had accumulated a grand total of 10,254 posts.

Here’s an archived version of my profile page shortly before the boards were closed, and here’s my page on the LMB wiki. In hindsight, I probably spent a bit too much time on those boards, but I still remember those days fondly. I was mostly active from , at which point my interests began to shift.

On , I created my first YouTube channel, SuperGeniusCreator, to upload LEGO-related content. It actually wasn’t the first time I had been in a LEGO-related YouTube video, though. That would be this. But anyway, I started uploading poor-quality recordings of me playing LEGO Legends of Chima Online (and later LEGO Minifigures Online) to my channel, as well as some brickfilms I had made.

In I recorded and released the first episode of LEGO GoofEbay, a series more than a little inspired by the On Ebay Today series on The TTV Channel. LEGO GoofEbay was the first time I spoke in any of my videos.

The SuperGeniusZeb era

In , my primary interest began to shift from LEGO to a game I started playing around : Minecraft. Minecraft: Java Edition, to be specific, but of course nobody used that subtitle back then because Minecraft (Bedrock) was still just Pocket Edition, and Pocket Edition didn’t even have fire yet.

That month, I launched Minecraft 1.5.1, and I played the Minecraft demo, which created a standard survival world with a preset seed. Not long after, I purchased the game. The demo world was left unplayed and untouched for over 2 years; meanwhile I played on survival servers, minigame servers, custom maps, and creative worlds. I could have chosen to delete the world, but I never did.

In , I decided to start a second YouTube channel for Minecraft content. I had been inspired by the survival let’s play series of various Minecraft YouTubers, and I realized that I had never had a normal survival singleplayer world; I had always played on servers or custom maps. Simultaneously, I wanted to gain video production experience. So I killed two birds with one stone by starting a let’s play series of me playing on a survival singleplayer world.

At the time, I thought it wouldn’t make sense to upload Minecraft content on my existing YouTube channel, so on , I created the SuperGeniusZeb channel (named after my Minecraft username). On , I recorded the first episode of SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft, and I uploaded it to the channel on .

While preparing to make the series, I remembered the old demo world. Despite several data losses on my computer (most of which were my fault), I had managed to hold on to world, so I decided to use it as my let’s play world. I also decided to start out the series by playing on 1.5.2 rather than the latest version, because I wanted to get a feel for what it would have been like if I had started playing regularly on the world back in .

The SuperGeniusZeb channel ended up becoming where most of my new content was uploaded, and while I can’t say that the early videos on the channel were that good, they were definitely a step-up from a lot of the much older SuperGeniusCreator channel content, and through experience I gradually got better at making videos.

Around the same time, I started working on my first Minecraft mod: Colore. Coding this mod gave me a lot of good experience in Java development. When I was ready to release the mod, I realized I needed a place to showcase it outside of my channel. I decided to create SuperGeniusZeb.com, which was officially launched on alongside the first release of Colore.

On , I launched a website for my LEGO channel: SuperGeniusCreator.com. I uploaded a few of my LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations) to the site, but otherwise the site went unused. (By this point, the SuperGeniusCreator channel wasn’t being used much either.) I later realized that, while having 2 YouTube channels for organization/separation of content might make sense, having 2 separate websites for the same person running those 2 channels did not, so I decided to shut down SuperGeniusCreator.com and move its content onto SuperGeniusZeb.com, making it my main site for all of my content.

By that point I had also expanded the content of the SuperGeniusZeb channel from Minecraft to gaming in general. I considered making a 3rd channel for non-Minecraft gaming content, but noticing that most gaming YouTubers don’t do that, I (wisely, in hindsight) decided that would be unnecessary.

The Zebulan era

Early in 2018, my YouTube channels were demonetized for not meeting the new minimum subscriber and viewer levels now required by YouTube. This annoyed me at first, but it caused me to reevaluate what I had been doing on YouTube up to that point.

Shortly afterward, I began to get tired of the SuperGeniusZeb name. My interests were expanding outside of LEGO and gaming and into things like coding and music, and I began to feel that the name did not fit those activities very well. I also started to get annoyed at how the name sounded a bit pretentious and unprofessional.

Due to these and various other factors, I decided it was time for a change.

On , I renamed the SuperGeniusZeb channel to Zebulan Gaming. The SuperGeniusCreator channel was then renamed to Zebulan Building on . I then began working on a new website, which was officially launched on : Zebulan.com.