Some fun/silly stuff I do in my spare time…

Blog posts

I write about all my interests, so expect a variety of topics ranging from Minecraft to dualism.

Questions for Future Me

I thought it would be somewhat interesting and maybe fun to write a series of questions for myself to answer in 10 years. (Yeah, over half of them are Minecraft questions. Silly, I know.) I’ll come back to answer the…
LMB Tales: Rise of the Ask Topics

LMB Tales: Rise of the Ask Topics

Introduction If you were a member of the (now-closed) official LEGO Message Boards (LMBs), you may recall there being a lot of “Ask (insert character name here)” topics, where the topic author would roleplay as a certain character from a…
Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

A popular belief challenged Most scientists follow the philosophy known as materialism: the belief that the physical universe is all that there is. According to materialism, everything can be reduced to particles interacting with each other. All that you are…

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Minecraft mods

I’ve made stuff for both Java Edition and Bedrock.

Check out my Minecraft projects

Some blocks added by Colore: a mod I made for Minecraft: Java Edition.

LEGO creations

I like both traditional System and constraction builds.

Check out my MOCs

Two action figures built with LEGO pieces.

Gaming videos

I mostly play just Minecraft.

Watch on YouTube

Some games I've played: Portal 2, Minecraft, and StarMade.