I excel at modern JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, SCSS, React, WordPress, and PHP. I also have some experience with SQL, Vue, Java, and Python.

Automated Referral Network

I am the lead (and sole) developer for Automated Referral Network, a one-of-a-kind business leads generation and management service. It was developed as a standalone business app utilizing Progressive Web App technology. Using WordPress and Paid Memberships Pro as a base for the website, I wrote thousands of lines of modern PHP 8.1 code for the backend of the site, implementing custom logic to manage editing/saving/sharing contact info, connecting contacts, and sending emails and SMS messages on behalf of members. Technologies involved include:

  • WordPress
    • Used as the basis of the site, since it’s easy to use and extremely flexible, with a wide array of plugins and tools available.
    • I also created several custom “blocks” for the Gutenberg editor.
  • Paid Memberships Pro (to handle basic membership/checkout functionality)
  • Progressive Web App technology
    • This is a modern set of web APIs that allow a website to be given app-like functionalities, including the ability to install a site as a self-contained app on someone’s phone (or even desktop if using Chrome or Edge), as well as keep some pages accessible offline via caching.
  • PHP 8.1
    • Using the latest version of PHP provides a great deal of technical and performance benefits, such as enums, typed properties, better static analysis, etc.
    • I implemented custom logic to handle actions such as:
      • Sending referral emails to contacts based on various criteria such as distance, blocked business types, whether they’ve already met, and so on.
      • Rewarding network members with more referrals based on how many contacts they’ve added to the system and completed the info for.
      • When someone registers with the network, the contact info he enters for himself becomes the canonical source across the network, preventing duplicated/outdated info.
  • Custom MariaDB queries and tables for storing user, contact, and referral data
    • Due to lack of ergonomics in using the wpdb interface built into WordPress, I ended up writing my own custom database abstraction classes and methods to improve type-safety and readability of code.
    • Several custom tables with many columns of various types were required to store all the required data.
    • Custom integration logic was required to manage connections between member data, WordPress user accounts, and Paid Memberships Pro sign-up logic.
  • TypeScript
    • Strongly-typed code is always much safer and easier to work with. If you ever write any complex JavaScript, you should always use TypeScript it possible.
    • Used for most of the custom Gutenberg block logic, including dynamic rendering on the front-end.

Involvement with WordPress

WordPress Gutenberg icon

I have been a very active contributor to the WordPress block editor (“Gutenberg”) project, being involved in over 1000 issues and pull requests. I myself have authored over 110 pull requests that were merged into the main codebase, and I have helped review and merge over 300 PRs by other developers.

I have also been involved in several discussions on the Make WordPress Blog and Slack channels, resulting in some notable mentions in some WP Tavern articles:

“WordPress Poised to Begin Implementing Proposal to Auto-Update Older Sites to 4.7”

“The Gutenberg WordPress Plugin To Introduce a Table of Contents Block”

“Proposal to Rename the ‘Master’ Branch of WordPress-Owned Git Repositories”

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