Coding Projects

Listed here are some of the various coding projects I’ve developed.


Way back in 2015, I created a Minecraft mod for Java Edition 1.8, at a time when documentation was sparse, tutorials were typically terrible, and the APIs were less than ideal. It also didn’t help that almost everyone was making mods for the considerably different 1.7.10 instead.

This was my first deep dive into the world of Java, and though frustrating at times, it helped me refine my skills in the art of scouring the web for obscure info and figuring things out through trial and error.

Ultimately, the end product is not exactly the most impressive thing I’ve ever written, but it’s nevertheless a good example mod for people wanting to understand the scary world of Minecraft 1.8 modding.

In hindsight, the trailers I made for it are a good example of my video editing skills, and stood the test of time a lot better than the majority of videos I was releasing back then.

Check it out!

freeCodeCamp toys

While working my way through the freeCodeCamp courses, I was tasked with creating a variety of cute little web projects. I used these as an opportunity to get creative and hone in my JS/CSS skills.