Zigben – Master of Lavastruction

Zigben photoshopped over a volcanic background


This is my first mega-titan-sized Constraction MOC, which I built for the Battle for the Golden Mask (BFTGM) Competition, along with Ventox, Deflecto, and Pyroclastius.

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Build date
Taller than Black Phantom
Piece count
Ball-shooting Plasfire Cannon




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Few know where he comes from, but many know how destructive he is. Zigben, also known as the “Master of Lavastruction”, is a mysterious and dangerous evil titan who makes Onua’s 2015 form look small. Feared by all who have heard of him, he will use his lava, fire, and plasma powers to destroy anyone and anything in his way.

His evil quest is to find the Golden Skull Spider Mask, put it on, and control the Skull Spiders, which he will then use to help him defeat & destroy the Toa… as if he needed very much help in destroying. Once he has gained control of the Skull Spiders, he plans to obtain both the Mask of Creation and Mask of Control… and finally, he intends to gain possession of the Mask of Ultimate Power, so he can rule Okoto and make everyone his slave.

He wields a powerful Plavasma Sword, which can burn through and melt nearly anything. He is also equipped with a highly dangerous Plasfire Cannon, which can shoot highly concentrated bursts of plasma, as well as large blasts of fire and lava. He has innate fire and plasma powers, and he can shoot bursts of those through his hands or use them to enhance the powers of his weapons. His armor is made of an unknown material that is resistant to fire, lava, and weaker forms of plasma, and it has only a few weak spots. He is immensely strong and powerful, and it would take several Toa to have a chance of taking him down. His only known weaknesses are water and ice, as they weaken his weapons and can render his elemental powers useless.

So beware, because if Zigben is looking for you, he will find you, and he will stop at nothing to defeat and destroy you.