Deflecto – The Dark Guardian


This was my 3rd Battle for the Gold Mask (BFTGM) entry, along with Zigben, Ventox, and Pyroclastius.

One of my favorite parts of building this MOC was coming up with creative uses for the HF gun and foot pieces! Some might think it’s a bit weird that he’s using the HF chest armor add-on. I used that because it was the only silver armor I had that looked right, and it seemed to fit the style of the character. Think of the “H” as being a symbol put there when he was built, signifying his now-former status as a heroic guardian.

Fun fact: “Deflecto” is Latin for “deflect”, and “avlänka” is Swedish for “deflect”.

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Build date
About 23 cm tall
Piece count
Arm-swinging gear function




How to build

Alternate no-gearbox version



Deflecto is an ancient mechanical warrior built long ago. He was once a great guardian of Okoto, but was corrupted by an unknown force, turning him into a cold, merciless hunter seeking power. His sole mission is to gain possession of the Mask of Ultimate Power, so he can take control of Okoto and rule with a literally cold iron fist.

Deflecto is fully mechanical and possesses quick reflexes, and he can calculate and estimate what his opponents will do next and decide what is the best way to defeat him. The more you fight him, the more he learns your fighting style, and the more he will be able to counter it.

He wields 2 mythical weapons known as the Blades of Avlanka, which can deflect nearly any form of projectile or elemental power. It can even absorb some of the power and then shoot it back out. So if a Toa of Fire sent a large blast of fire at the blades, they would deflect some of the elemental power and absorb the rest. The blades could then be used to send the power back at the Toa of Fire. The Blades of Avlanka are also very sharp, and can cut through nearly anything.

Deflecto also has special laser eyes that can shoot a variety of rays and lasers, ranging from acting as a flashlight to providing X-ray vision to firing powerful energy beams. Deflecto’s armor is made of a hard metal alloy consisting of silver, titanium, and platinum, which cannot be penetrated by most weapons.

His main weaknesses are his gear-system and slowness. His ancient, mechanical inner-workings are exposed in one spot on his back, and damaging this section will cause Deflecto to be weakened, especially in his arms. His arms are able to spin as fast a saw blade, but damaging his gear-system will cause his arms to be slowed down and weakened. Although his arms are able to move and fight dangerously quickly, Deflecto cannot run very fast, as his legs are quite heavy and are old and rusty.

Deflecto’s logic systems have determined that the best way to obtain the Mask of Ultimate Power will be to first gain the Golden Skull Spider mask, so he can use the Skull Spiders to defeat and take control of all who oppose him, building up an army that none will be able to resist.

He once encountered dimension-and-time-travelling Pohatu Mata and Pohatu Nuva, who had come on a mission to rescue Onua Nuva, Lewa Mata, and Lewa Nuva, who had all come to the Okotoverse to find and capture a villain called Vezon or something… the 3 ended up fighting and getting defeated by 2 dangerous villains known as Zigben and Ventox. When the Pohatus tried to rescue them, they encountered Deflecto, who, upon seeing that they were both wearing Masks of Speed, attacked them with all his strength and power. Pohatu Mata and Pohatu Nuva fought hard, and tried to use large rocks and boulders to stop Deflecto, but the rocks just bounced off of his blades and knocked them out, and they ended up having their masks knocked off, too. And before they could try to fight back and regain their masks, Zigben and Ventox showed up, and they were beat up even more, and left to live so they could, as Zigben said, “tell others about us and spread fear across the island.” Zigben also decided he would finish them off later, and left them with their weapons so their defeat “wouldn’t be too boring.”

Deflecto saw the 2 villains as a tool to help him obtain the Golden Skull Spider mask, and joined the now-trio of villains. Zigben promised Deflecto he would give him control over the Stone region of Okoto, but he doesn’t intend to live up to his promise, and intends to destroy both Ventox and Zigben. And Deflecto doesn’t intend to let Zigben obtain the Golden Skull Spider mask for himself. Knowing Ventox probably intends to betray Zigben and try to poison him, he will take advantage of this and claim the mask for himself while the two fight. He will then use the Skull Spiders to attack and eliminate Zigben and Ventox, using his blades to deflect their attacks.