Pyroclastius – Evil Glatorian of Fire


This was my fourth entry for the Battle for the Golden Mask (BFTGM) Competition, along with Zigben, Ventox, and Deflecto.

Fun fact: The name “Pyroclastius” is based off of the word “pyroclastic”, which means “relating to, consisting of, or denoting fragments of rock erupted by a volcano.”

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Build date
About 21.6 cm tall
Piece count
  • Ball-shooting Electroscorch staff
  • spinning Sparkslicer






In the Okotoverse, the Glatorian are elemental warriors famous for their powerful fighting skills in arena matches. Pyroclastius is one particular Glatorian who is power-hungry, fame-seeking, and loves to set his opponents on fire. When he heard about the Golden Skull Spider Mask, he immediately set off to find it so he could claim it as his own.

He wields his Electroscorch staff, which can shoot powerful balls of fire mingled with electricity, and he also carries his Sparkslicer, which is a razor-sharp spinning blade that can shoot elemental fire blasts. Whenever Pyroclastius gets angry, he bursts into furious flames and his elemental fire powers are amplified.

Pyroclastius hates defeat, anyone who is better than him, and most of all… he HATES water. Water is his main weakness, as it can put out his powerful flames and severely weaken him and his weapons.

One day, Gali Nuva, the last of the time-and-dimension-travelling Mataverse Toa to not have lost her mask in battle, tried to take down Pyroclastius. Pyroclastius fought fiercely, but Gali’s Nuva-level elemental water powers overwhelmed him, and his flame was put out. But just when she thought she had won, Gali was paralyzed by the venom of Ventox, and she fell to the ground.

Ventox now believed that he was the victor of the battle, but someone tapped on his shoulder. Ventox turned his head to see a maskless Onua Nuva, who promptly proceeded to stab Ventox in the nose with his Quake Breakers.

Now it was Onua Nuva who thought he had won the battle, but moments later it turned out that he was followed by Deflecto, who quickly pinned Onua to the ground. Deflecto, however, had been followed by Lewa & Pohatu Mata, who tried to fight him off.

Meanwhile, Pyroclastius began to recover, but was knocked back down by the Air Katanas of Lewa Nuva, who had arrived with Pohatu Nuva to help fight. Pyroclastius, furious at how his opponents were beating him, exploded into a fit of fiery rage, blasting Lewa Nuva & Pohatu Nuva away and setting them on fire.

Gali Nuva tried to use her water powers to cool them off, but Ventox used his Venomizer Bow to blast off Gali Nuva’s mask, weakening her. Then a large foot stepped on Gali Nuva. Zigben, the Master of Lavastruction, had arrived.

Without their masks, the Toa were soon defeated, and Pyroclastius made sure to throw as many fireballs at Gali Nuva as possible. Zigben decided they should take the Toa’s weapons as trophies, and the 6 Toa were left both maskless & weaponless.

Zigben offered Pyroclastius a seat as ruler of the Fire Region of Okoto in exchange for helping Zigben obtain the Golden Skull Spider Mask. Pyroclastius agreed, but he intends to try and claim the mask for himself so he can be ruler over all of Okoto.

Having now collected 6 masks from the Mataverse Toa, Zigben placed them on a mysterious device that resembled a Suva. He then took off his own Mask of Destruction and placed it in the center. A blinding beam of light shot from the strange device, and Zigben’s mask was supercharged into the Mask of Super Speed, Super Levitation, Nuva Strength, Nuva Water Breathing, & Destruction. Zigben just calls it the Ultra Mask of Destruction. Zigben can now use his mask to channel the powers of the 6 Kanohi he collected, and the other 3 villains in his team can also access the mask powers when Zigben is not using them. They cannot channel the full strength of the Nuva masks, however, and only Zigben can access their full power.

Together, Zigben’s team of villains are nearly unstoppable. So watch out, because the gang is on the loose, and they’re looking for the Golden Mask of Skull Spiders.