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  • Testing Fed(iverse)-posting

    If you can see this on a Fediverse site, comment with the name of your favorite food and/or drink.

  • Questions for Future Me

    I thought it would be somewhat interesting and maybe fun to write a series of questions for myself to answer in 10 years. (Yeah, over half of them are Minecraft questions. Silly, I know.) I’ll come back to answer the questions in this article on March 22, 2031. Minecraft Vanilla Has MC-4 been fixed yet? […]

  • Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

    Consciousness Contradicts Materialism

    A popular belief challenged Most scientists follow the philosophy known as materialism: the belief that the physical universe is all that there is. According to materialism, everything can be reduced to particles interacting with each other. All that you are is nothing more than a bunch of particles interacting with each other according to the […]

  • Stuck Between a Block and a Hard Place

    Stuck Between a Block and a Hard Place

    Introduction WordPress is getting a new editor, and I’m getting a bit worried. The plan to introduce the new editor, Gutenberg, into core WordPress in the 5.0 update has been stirring up all sorts of emotions ranging from excitement and joy to confusion and frustration. I think most people agree that WordPress needs a new […]

  • What I Use to Make My Videos – 2018 Edition

    Over 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about what I used to make my videos. But now that article is outdated, since I’ve changed a lot of the software and some of the equipment I use. So here’s an updated version of that article. If you’re looking to start making videos and were […]

  • What I Use to Make My Videos

    I’ll say it right now: This post will probably be very outdated within a year, and especially several years from the day I’m writing this, so to all you people from the future, click this link-that-will-link-to-the-updated-version-of-this-article-in-the-future. Quite recently, someone commented on the third episode of my StarMade series, asking what I used to record my […]