• Mojang announces Minecraft Better Together Update at E3 2017

    Preface For a school project, I had to write an article in the style of a news story. The topic I chose was one I knew a lot about: Minecraft. More specifically, I wrote an article about Mojang’s announcement of the Better Together Update for Minecraft (Bedrock). One of the things I’ve noticed in the […]

  • Another Story Begins…

    I’m putting those Bing Rewards credits I’ve got to good use. 😛 I’ve been wanting to play this game for a while now, but I didn’t really have the money to spend. But over time I’ve managed to accumulate a whole bunch of credits on Bing Rewards, and they temporarily reduced the price of the […]

  • A Helpful List of Minecraft 1.9.4 Modding Resources

    UPDATE 2016-05-31: Added some more great tutorials I recently found! If you’re a newbie Minecraft modder, you may often find yourself looking for some helpful article on a certain modding aspect, whether it be block states, JSON files, the OreDictionary, or whatever it is that you would like to know more about. Unfortunately, there isn’t […]

  • Colore 1.1: Slabs & Future Plans

    Woo-hoo! After nearly 6 months since the release of the Colore mod, I’ve finally finished the first update, which adds 70 colorful slabs to correspond with the 70 existing monochrome colored blocks already in the mod. The mod has been ported to 1.8.9 for this release, and will soon be released for 1.9 as well! […]

  • What I Use to Make My Videos

    I’ll say it right now: This post will probably be very outdated within a year, and especially several years from the day I’m writing this, so to all you people from the future, click this link-that-will-link-to-the-updated-version-of-this-article-in-the-future. Quite recently, someone commented on the third episode of my StarMade series, asking what I used to record my […]

  • Plans for My Current and Upcoming Series

    So I have several video series on my YouTube channel right now, with some getting episodes frequently, and others not-so-frequently. So for those of you wondering what is going to happen to the various series on my channel, here are my current plans… SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft My first and favorite series on my channel, this […]