Plans for My Current and Upcoming Series

So I have several video series on my YouTube channel right now, with some getting episodes frequently, and others not-so-frequently. So for those of you wondering what is going to happen to the various series on my channel, here are my current plans…

SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft

My first and favorite series on my channel, this vanilla Minecraft let’s play series will continue for as long as possible, and will probably only end if something unexpected happens or I run out of ideas for building stuff.

Zeb & Ocky Play Tekkit

With only one episode as of right now, this series looks like it might be canceled, but in reality I haven’t been able to play with Ocky much lately due to conflicting time schedules and such, but an episode 2 will come out once I have the chance to record it. As for how long the series will continue, I intend to at least go to the moon in that series before ending it, though if Ocky loses interest I’ll be okay with ending it earlier.

SuperGeniusZeb Plays StarMade

This series is relatively new, but I have a feeling it will last for a decent amount of time. Once I’ve established a good looking base and a really big, cool-looking spaceship I might stop playing for a while, but so far I’m really enjoying the game and want to play it more, so expect more episodes for weeks to come.

1.9 Snapshot Showcases

For obvious reasons, this series will end when 1.9 is released, but the Snapshot Showcases series will return when 1.10 snapshots start to be released… also for obvious reasons.

SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

As Windows 10 Edition becomes more and more like the Java edition, I’ve realized this series would become rather similar to the main Java Minecraft series, so I’ve decided to turn this series into a series of mostly livestreams on Twitch with the occasional progress-update/special-event non-live episode. I also deleted the world from episode 1 by accident, so the first livestream will be on a different world in which I haven’t really done anything yet, so this will be sort of like a series reboot after only one episode I guess. This series will also focus more on achievements and progressing through the game, unlike my more building-focused Java edition series, and may also feature my sisters guest-starring, as they have Pocket Edition on their mobile devices and therefore can play with me.

Thought Dispenser

The newest series on my channel, I really enjoyed making the first episode of Thought Dispenser, and I think this series will satisfy 2 problems I’ve had lately: my desire to freely express my thoughts and opinions on Minecraft stuff without annoying people by brain-dumping 30-minutes of overly-detailed and mostly-one-way discussion on them, and my need to find a way to do boring tasks like clear and ocean and strip mine for resources and do something interesting simultaneously. I intend to release episodes whenever there is a good Minecraft-related topic I know a lot about and think is worth addressing in a video.

Redstone Contraptions

So I made that one pig farm once… but in retrospect, I don’t really like the contraption. It’s rather unreliable and I’m still not sure whether or not the enchanting table is even necessary. But in the future, if I ever come up with another Redstone contraption (hopefully something more reliable), I’ll definitely make a video for it.

Planned Future Series

In the future I hope to start up more series on my channel, including ones for other sandbox-type games. I’m considering buying Terraria, TerraTech and/or Scrap Mechanic, as those 3 games look pretty fun and interesting from what I’ve seen so far. I also intend to start a singleplayer custom modded series in 1.8 featuring a lot of mods I’ve found that I think are pretty neat.

And so those are my plans for the current and upcoming series on my YouTube channel! I hope you all enjoy my upcoming videos, and if you do, then please make sure to leave a like, share them with your friends, and post your thoughts and feedback in the comments section! (And maybe also subscribe if you really really really like my videos!)