• Looking Back on “A Laggy Boat Ride” (SGZ Plays MC #5)

    The title, the thumbnail, and the lag “A Laggy Boat Ride” was a laggy mess. At least in its original form, anyway. I’ll start with the title. It isn’t exactly a title that entices you to watch the episode. If anything, it deters you from watching it. It mentions the worst part of the entire […]

  • What I Use to Make My Videos – 2018 Edition

    Over 2 years ago, I wrote a blog post about what I used to make my videos. But now that article is outdated, since I’ve changed a lot of the software and some of the equipment I use. So here’s an updated version of that article. If you’re looking to start making videos and were […]

  • Looking Back on “From Wood to Stone” (SGZ Plays MC #4)

    Yeah! It’s been a good episode. Those were the words I spoke near the end of the 4th episode of SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft. I felt that I had accomplished a lot in the footage I had recorded, which would make for a good episode. Looking back, I think I was right… in comparison to the […]

  • Looking Back on “The Creepy Cave” (SGZ Plays MC #3)

    Over 2 1⁄2 years ago, the 3rd video on the SuperGeniusZeb channel was released. It was also the 3rd episode of SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft, because that was the only series on the channel back then. And back then, I was trying to release an episode approximately every week. I managed to keep up this pace […]

  • Looking Back on “Obsessive Torch-Placement Disorder” (SGZ Plays MC #2)

    Yep, this is now officially a blog post series. (Click here to see the first entry.) I could have done better with the title of this episode. I could have called it “Spider Ambush”, “The Mine”, “Mine Own Mine”, or even “Wandering with Half a Heart”. But instead I called it “Obsessive Torch-Placement Disorder”, a […]

  • Looking Back on “The Demo World” (SGZ Plays MC #1)

    So this might end up being a series of posts on my blog where I talk about various videos that I have made. Or it could just be a one-off thing. Who knows? I sure don’t right now. I just started writing this initially as an updated description for the video on YouTube and a […]