Vanilla Tweaks


Vanilla Tweaks is a modular collection of resource packs that tweak the look and feel of various blocks and items in the game. Each pack can be used on its own or in combination with other packs to suit your preferences.

Xisumavoid created the original packs for Minecraft: Java Edition, and I ported them to Minecraft Bedrock with his permission. I’ve also created a couple of my own Bedrock-exclusive Vanilla Tweaks packs.


Compatible Minecraft Bedrock versions
Initial release
Latest update


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…or download them individually:


By Zebulan


7 replies on “Vanilla Tweaks”

If you mean the Armour Statues datapack, then I’m afraid I’m not sure how to port that to a Bedrock add-on, or if it is even currently possible to do so. ☹️

Yeah, this site is running WordPress. I was using a custom Divi child theme up until recently. I wanted to learn more about making WordPress themes, and I wanted to switch to something lighter than Divi, so I switched to a custom fork of the default Twenty Twenty theme that I’m working on called Zerenity.

I wanted to create a theme that was optimized for modern browsers and had a good balance between customization and opinionated styles. I figured that Twenty Twenty would be a good starting point, since it is very lightweight and generally follows good coding practices. At the moment, my fork is not really that different from Twenty Twenty aside from a lot of technical changes, but in the future I plan to add more granular color options and fix some minor issues I’ve noticed with the original theme.

The source code is already public, but I wouldn’t recommend running it on your own WordPress site (if you have any), since it’s still early in development and I’ll likely end up breaking it several times while making changes to it.

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