Roodaka – Master of Manipulation


This MOC is a revamp of the Gen 1 Bionicle Roodaka set from 2005 that I built for BZPower’s 69th BBC Contest, in which you would build a reimagined Gen 1 Bionicle character or creature to fit in with the new Gen 2 sets.

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Build date
Pretty tall, taller than Tahu Master of Fire
Piece count
More details:
Total (minus weapons)
Gear system
Catcher Claws
Rhotuka Blaster
15 (not counting ammo)
Arm-swinging gear function with friction, and her Catcher Claws work just like the original’s. The Rhotuka Blaster has a stud-shooter.




How to build


Creator comments

The moment I read the hint at what the prizes would be for the 69th BBC Contest, I knew I was going to enter. (It’s been a while, but if I’m remembering correctly, one of the prizes was one of those trans-clear Masks of Fire – the same kind that were given out at NYCC 2014.)

I wondered what I was going to build. I looked around and saw my 2015 Tahu. I built a cute little Jaller revamp with the golden mask. But it was too small, and you could have only one entry, so I started looking around at my parts. I found lots of black, silver, & gunmetal. And then the idea came to me.

I started with the torso, because I knew I had to get that to look right. After that turned out well, I began work on the head, which also had to look right as well. The next struggle was the high-heels, which I wanted to preserve from the original model. My Roodaka is actually quite stable with those shoes, and I think they turned out well. I’m not entirely satisfied with the lower back-armor, but the skirt-cape fixes that for me.

I wanted to keep the original’s Catcher Claws, and since they used the same gears as the new Toa’s gear functions, that wasn’t too hard. Lacking a Rhotuka launcher, I had to substitute one of the Protector stud launchers for it, and I think the result turned out looking pretty good.

I wanted to make Roodaka sleek and slim, and the CCBS parts made that pretty easy. Looking back on the final result, I think it turned out pretty well, though I do wish the head was more like the original. I managed to use only a total of 4 parts from the original Bionicle building system, so I think I succeeded at building this in the style of the new sets. The alternative eyes (red spike elements) shown in one of the pictures were actually going to be the final eyes, until I discovered that Angry Kitty from Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech had given me 2 drill/horn pieces I could use as eyes instead.

The final model ended up using 185 pieces. In comparison, the original had 233 pieces and cost $20. Mask Maker Vs. Skull Grinder, a Gen 2 titan-sized set, has 171 pieces, and it costs $30. So I think I succeeded in making this MOC about the size of a “titan” set.


Roodaka is a master of manipulation. She is cunning, cruel, and deceptive. She prefers to use lies and tricks to defeat her foes, rather than brute strength. She is the mastermind behind many evil plots, and is always using others to carry out her plans, as she pulls the strings in the background. She craves power and wishes to become the ruler of Okoto. She has a fascination with spiders, and keeps a Skull Spider as a “pet”. She carries a sharp-edged weapon called the Catcher Claws, as well as a powerful weapon she calls the “Rhotuka Blaster”, which is as able to fire a strange substance that can mutate its victim. She has a strange shard she wears on her chest, which for some reason resembles a protodermis cage, which is strange, since the only known protodermis cage in the Okotoverse is where Zigben was defeated and encased…