Bob on the bridge of the Venture Explorer.

All about Bob

A tribute to a generic-appearing minifg with a not-so-generic story.

Venture Explorer co-pilot

Nexus Force mascot/recruiter

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In 2010, Bob co-piloted the Venture Explorer, a Venture League cargo starship. On a mission to Nimbus Station to deliver rocket parts, data cards, and new recruits for the Nexus Force, the ship was attacked by the Maelstrom. Bob, with the help of the Venture Explorer’s other crew members, Captain Sky Lane and Officer Jett Moonshot, evacuated all of the minifigures from the critically damaged starship.

Acting as the official mascot of the now-defunct game LEGO Universe, as well as the unofficial mascot of, Bob is remembered as one of the friendliest, most helpful minifigures ever to be built.

You can read more about Bob on the LEGO Universe Wiki.

Timeline of Bob’s life

Bobert, called “Bob” by most people, is first built. He served as a construction worker on LEGO Island during this time, where he grew up with Sky Lane.
Bob gets a job at Exxon, driving a fuel tanker with a driver’s seat that was too small to actually fit in.
Bob dons a cowboy hat and rides a train to an unknown location.
Bob tries out horse-riding.
Bob joins the newly-formed Nexus Force.
Bob becomes co-pilot of the Venture Explorer, working alongside Captain Sky Lane and Officer Jett Moonshot.
Bob takes a part-time job on the maintenance team of
The Venture Explorer, carrying millions of minifig recruits in suspended animation, is attacked by the Maelstrom. Jett Moonshot awakens the recruits, Bob helps them unlock their imagination, and Sky Lane helps them build rockets to escape the damaged ship.
Bob fights in the final battle against the Maelstrom, which was finally defeated after 4 years of conflict.
After the disbandment of the Nexus Force, Bob becomes a full-time member of the site maintenance team, where he continues to work behind-the-scenes to this day.